Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Co-sleeping In the News: How KMOV Got It Wrong

Several years ago, KMOV ran a story that really disappointed me.  I couldn't find it in their archives, but it was a story about an infant who had died while sleeping in a parent's bed.  Although co-sleeping had NOT been found to be the cause of death, most of the story was focused on interviews with experts who explained why co-sleeping is always wrong and always dangerous. 

The fact is, that's just not true.

Yes, co-sleeping can be dangerous.  And if you've followed any of the recent crib recalls, you know that placing an infant to sleep in a crib can be equally dangerous, if not more so.  But there are also experts who believe that it can also be done safely, and can be highly advantageous under the right circumstances. 

Sadly, KMOV's story did not include any of this information. 

But in his recent story, reporter Brad Hicks of Fox 6 News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin got it right.  If you're intersted in a balanced story about co-sleeping, and what makes it safe and when it can be dangerous, watch the full clip below.    

Now, I know that the majority of infants sleep in cribs.  I'm not telling anyone that you should co-sleep.  Every family is different, and there is no right choice.  But parents deserve fair and accurate information.  That is what they got in the story above.  That is what I am asking from our local journalists here in St. Louis. 

And I don't think that's asking too much.

Note:  If you're interested in hearing more from Dr. James McKenna, the co-sleeping expert featured in the above story, check out his book "Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent's Guide to Cosleeping."  

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